Marriage Counseling

Therapy is for Everyone - Marriage & Couple

We all have the potential to build a better marriage relationship, this happens through building up our basic capabilities and skills through interpersonal communication and growing our capacity to be engaged in a meaningful intimate relationship to our chosen partner. When both partners intentionally put their effort towards this kind of growth, success is inevitable.

The couple bubble is an emotional space surrounding the couple that protects the relationship. It is a space where partners feel loved. No matter what happens out in the world and how hard life becomes when you and your partner are safe and connected you are inside the couple bubble.  You know you are in the couple bubble when you feel you are accepted, known, and seen by your person. You trust the relationship, regulate distress, ask for needs to be met without fear and without defensiveness, it is a space where couples take comfort in their partner, feel calm, reassured, and are soothed by one another. It is the space where they know their partner has their back. It is the mutual reciprocal give and take of the primary love relationship. 

In Marriage Counseling the participants learn to expand and increase the way each individual can successfully and effectively hear the requests for love and connection. As well as expand and increase the way each individual can request love in a clear, effective way. We begin to see clearly the patterns that have left one or both partners feeling alone and hurt and we move the couple toward understanding the negative cycle that causes unresolved arguments leaving the couple emotionally dysregulated. When the couple learns to effectively solve underlying problems they can repair the relationship.The couple can then move towards healing and return to living in the couple bubble. 


Marriage Counseling