Meet Allyson Stivers MA, LMHC -Psychotherapist

Allyson is gifted at understanding how to help couples and individuals figure out where they are stuck and move forward. Specializing in the change process she offers her clients a new way to experience a relationship with self, other, and world. Her style is compassionate and straightforward getting to the issues in a productive effective way which allows clients to benefit from the work from day one. Allyson brings a positive and hopeful perspective to the hard work that brings about lasting change. Her clients leave feeling and seeing that change is possible for anyone at any stage of life. 


As well as being the Mother of four youg adults, I have a Masters in Existential Phenomenological Psychology from Seattle University and a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Community Psychology from the University of Washington.  

Additional training and certifications in Psychotherapy:  Positive Neuroplasticity from  Dr. Rick Hanson ;  Mindnsight Immersion Certification from Dr. Daniel J. Siegel; The Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy Immersion Course from Dr. Diana Fosha;   Power of Mindfulness Workshop from Dr. Ronald Siegel; Wired for Love  by Dr. Stan Tatkin; Emotionally Focused Therapy courses by ICEFFT .

I enjoy writing poetry, painting, interior design, and the creative arts. My best days are those that I spend with the love of my life, my husband Greg, and my children.