Individual Therapy

Therapy is for Everyone - Individual

"Each person develops a complex network of memories, emotions, and beliefs that shape the present and future attachment behavior…. It is no accident that of all the possible people to choose from, often the person we select to become the center of our world turns out to have an uncanny resemblance to a person who raised us. We recreate, in our intimate bonds, patterns of interaction that were scripted in our relationships with our primary caregiver(s), whether good or bad. These interactional patterns, once wired to the brain, tend to recreate themselves in each subsequent relationship throughout our life…” Tatkin (p.1, 2011). 

Through our early attachment relationships we develop experiential maps for love and pain. In individual therapy we look at the relational maps of your life and together come to make meaning and sense of how things are today. We move past the blocks toward the life you want to be living.In many cases things go relatively smoothly and there are only minor “relational traumas” from the family of origin that need to be worked out. When there are larger relational deficits or when major trauma occurs there are larger consequences for the individual. However, we are beings toward healing and there is always a way to find the healing path for your life. 

“Courage is  seeing yourself as you really are: the losses, the wounds, the needs, wants, and desires. Bravery is making a space for what comes next. Hope is courage and bravery." -  by  Allyson Stivers MA, LMHC


Individual Counseling